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Low FODMAP Diet Planning

  • 39Steps
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Help you find a bloat-free life and healthy gut health by offering you a simple step-by-step guide to effectively use the FODMAP diet. Sometimes, self-implementing the "Low FODMAP diet" is dangerous. As you might not know the rationale behind and thus over-restricting yourself. Or you just find it too daunting to start. Either way, this program can help you: It explores the low FODMAP diet in more detail and incrementally step through different strategies commonly used in FODMAP planning. Beyond FODMAP planning, you can also learn how to build a healthy balanced diet for your overall health, lifting your energy to the next level. This program was developed by a IBS-trained Accredited Practicing Dietician. Join this program with a growing IBS supportive community group to find a bloat-free life and healthy gut health!

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