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Welcome to your Phenomenal NDIS Experience

Where we attempt to revolutionise your NDIS experience and streamline everything. Whether you are an NDIS Participant, Support Coordinator or Plan Manager; WE CAN HELP!

For NDIS Participants, we can:

Consistent Communication

We continually keep you updated regarding your upcoming services, whether Support Work or Allied Health

24/7 Support

We will always have an administration person working so you can reschedule and recognise appointments easily.

No Surprises - Text and Email Updates

Receive text messages informing you of the date, time, location and practitioner/support worker visiting you

Expert & Professional Workers

All employees are highly qualified and detail orientated, focused on giving you the best outcome

Online Access

Receive online access to your own profile so that you can see any upcoming appointments or services. No more waiting in the dark!

For Support Coordinators, we can:

Organise Support Workers

We will organise your Support Worker demand as guided by your plan & direction.

Appointments & Services

Since we have a robust team of Support Workers & Allied Health Professionals, we will organise appointments & services per your recommendations.

Organise Allied Health Practitioners

We can coordinate & organise your allied health service demands.

Simplify & Centralise All Services & Invoices

We have a secure platform that will give you instant access to all information you require in one location. All invoices will be in one place, simplifying payments & email communication.

Organise NDIA-quality Reports

We quality control all reports that are produced, ensuring that all areas of the NDIS's goals are addressed.

Documentation Access

We have a secure platform that centralises all of your documentation (inc. reports) so that you can access anytime. Complete transparency.

For Plan Manager, we can:

Simplify & Centralise All Invoices

Find all invoices from Support Workers & Allied Health Support in one location.

Centralised Downloaded Invoices

Download all invoices for all Support Workers & Allied Health services. Increasing the safety & security of documents.

Centralised Invoice Payment

Pay all invoices for all Support Workers & Allied Health services. Increasing the safety & security of documents.

Ultimately, we are attempting to streamline support service coordination, improve communication, and centralise all processes for our participants, support coordinators and plan managers! 

We are accepting NDIS referrals

Step 1: Download and fill out our NDIS Participant Intake & Referral Form below:

Step 2: Please return the completed form via email to

Our Services

Disability Support Workers




Occupational Therapy

Creative Art Therapy


Diabetes Education

Lets Work Together NOW

Next Steps:


Us: We will coordinate allied health and support worker services at your direction & guidance


Are you looking to join the NDIS?

This can be a long and difficult process. Let our team make this easy and simple for you!

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