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PODIATRY - Importance of orthotics for long-term patient recovery?

Maintaining healthy feet and ankles is vital in ensuring an individual can stay fit and well. Orthotics are practical everyday devices designed to decrease pain in lower limbs by reducing the force in the ankle and foot joints.

By redistributing pressure on the feet, orthotics can biomechanically alter posture, gait and weight distribution, enabling better functioning and keeping you on your feet.

Orthotics can assist an individual in walking and run comfortably and mechanically correctly, leading to the redistribution of pressure and force placed on the feet. The primary benefit of orthotics is that they can reduce excessive stress on the feet and reduce pain and the risk of future injuries.

Orthotics are prescribed to a range of patients of all ages and activity levels. Orthotics are made accurately to suit you, treat your condition and improve your walking and running comfort.

It is a small change that can drastically affect your long-term recovery, rehabilitation and likelihood of injury exacerbations. With costs ranging, these unique devices are critical for recovery.

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